Seeing Male Clients for Who Are, Not What They Are

Writing a piece about our work with male clients is a challenge. Questions arise: What are the specific issues that a so called typical male clients bring? How are these different from female clients? Should there be specific approaches for genders or should our work be about the individual?

Cultivating the Therapeutic Relationship

Cultivating the Therapeutic Relationship is about the importance of Self- development. It is asking and attempting to answer the question—does who you are make a difference to the outcome of your work as a bodyworker? Like all good questions, this question raises more questions: Who are you? How does who you are affect your clients? And, if who you are matters, can you develop yourself in a way that enhances your capacity to make a positive difference?

A Person-Centred Approach

Being a person-centred therapist has many forms. My vision places the clients experience firmly at the centre of the process.

Modified Sensitivity Cycle: A Tool for Session Management

The original sensitivity cycle has its foundation in the Hakomi Method’s founder Ron Kurtz. Here’s my version for bodyworkers of all kinds.

Postural Analysis

In postural analysis there is a tendency to look for what’s not working. In my opinion it is better to begin a postural analysis by obtaining the clients direct experience of their body.

What is Muscle Energy Technique?

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is an Osteopathic method that uses active client participation as the key aspect of its approach.