Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork also known as Rolfing/Hellerwork, is a hands-on approach that recognises we are patterns that perpetuate themselves. Our body is designed to adapt to repetitive use, this means that embedded patterns that no longer serve their purpose can be undone, but it takes time, and repetition of new patterns.

The primary goal of Structural Bodywork is to encourage you and your body to recognise that new patterns are possible, then apply specific hands-on methods and self-care strategies that support these.

A typical session starts with a body reading, then palpation and range of motion tests. Then application of a range of Myofascial Release techniques and other methods including Muscle Energy Technique & Positional Release where appropriate.

My approach to Structural Bodywork involves looking for where space and movement in your body is less than optimal and simply restoring it. Not that it’s actually that simple!

M: 022 436 2398

Where, When & Cost

Body of Work
4 Market Grove
Hutt Central
Lower Hutt

Monday 8:30–12:00
Friday 8:30–5:00

60 minute session: $110
90 minute session: $140