Hakomi Skills for Cultivating the Therapeutic Relationship

Hakomi is a mindfulness-based method for self-study and self-discovery. It helps bring awareness to our habits of relating and offers a way to maximise the potential of our therapeutic relationships.

The therapeutic relationship is the context within which healing happens. These workshops ask and answer the questions: Who are you? How does who you are affect you and your clients in the work you do? And, how can you develop your personhood to make a positive difference?

Two weekend workshops of Hakomi skills for those in the helping professions.

Part 1: Self-Discovery

The Self-discovery workshop is about growing your capacity to find and sustain a compassionate and present-centred state of being while relating to yourself and others. Explore your internal world for implicit beliefs and discover the influence these are having in the work that you do, and in your life.

Part 2: The Art of Helping

The Art of Helping workshop is about developing your ability to be truly present to another person. Learn to recognise and respond appropriately to the non-verbal indicators of their present moment experience, see the story-teller beyond the story being told.

Where & When

Body of Work,
4 Market Grove,
Lower Hutt

TBC 2024 (Self-Discovery)
TBC 2024 (The Art of Helping)





I have known Mark for over two decades and it is an honour to recommend him to anyone who has an opportunity to attend something he offers. He has many years of bodywork, teaching and Hakomi experience, with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, which he does, as with everything, with poise, integrity, skill, and creativity.

Donna Martin
(Senior Hakomi Trainer & Legacy Holder)