the Art (& a little Science) of Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a form of manual therapy with its origins in Osteopathy. Learn to address acute and chronic issues through a range of MET protocols using active client engagement of tissues in precise directions against a variety of therapist (your) counterforce (isometric, concentric and eccentric).

A series of three-weekend workshops for bodyworkers of all kinds

Part 1: Fundamentals of MET

An introduction to the core principles underpinning MET and the application of two key protocols, Post-Isometric-Relaxation (PIR) and Reciprocal Inhibition (RI) to the superficial tissues of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and neck.

Part 2: Refining MET

Building on the fundamentals of MET, Refining MET considers deeper tissues, including those of the hip, shoulder, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. It introduces two new protocols, Pulsed MET and Slow Isotonic Eccentric Stretches of Agonist/Antagonist (SIESA).

Part 3: Integrating MET

A personalised workshop helping you find your own approach to working with MET, learn to fine-tune the method for meeting the needs of your specific client base.

Where & When

Body of Work
4 Market Grove
Lower Hutt

9am to 4:30pm

2022 dates coming soon.

Ara Institute of Canterbury
Madras Street

9am to 4:30pm

4/5 December 2021 (Fundamentals)
2022 TBC (Refining)
2022 TBC (Integrating)




E: [email protected]
M: 022 436 2398

Drawing as he does from his own background in Structural Integration, Mark has brought new insights to the therapeutic skills that he learned, applied, and subsequently teaches. Having worked with him for almost ten years I have great confidence in Mark’s abilities to teach soft tissue manipulation theory and skills.

Leon Chaitow DO (2007)

MET Protocol for Chronic Issues (Hip extensor example)

Organising the body
Finding the barrier